Teen Driving: A guide For Parents





Teen Driving: A Guide for Parents
Getting a driver’s license is a huge milestone for every teenager. However, parents are understandably nervous about letting their kids behind the wheel. The dangers of teen driving can be alarming, but don’t let your fears stifle your teenager’s independence. By following a few simple tips, you can relax and let your teen take the wheel.

Set Your Teen Up for Driving Success
To establish good habits from the start, choose a reputable driving school. Behind-the-wheel training is mandatory before a teen receives a license, and it’s worth the cost of hiring an experienced instructor for these lessons.

Remain Calm
When you’re in the car with your teen, it’s hard not to be anxious and on edge. Of course, be vigilant, but resist the urge to be overly critical or shout at your teen while they’re driving. Your teen will respond better to a calm passenger who provides positive feedback.

Let Them Practice
No skill is mastered without practice. Provide your teen with a safe, reliable vehicle, and let them drive as much as possible with you in the car. The more hours your teen spends driving, the better they will become.

If your teen is ready to start training, the professional instructors at Key Driving School in Delta, OH, can provide them with a solid foundation of safe, responsible habits.

More Info On The New Rule Change Beginning July 1, 2021

Rule change that begins July 1, 2021 in Ohio pertaining to the 24 hours of traditional classroom or online.

If a student begins an online or traditional 24 hour class before July 1, 2021 then the new law does not apply to you. You will be grandfathered in.  The 24 hours of online or traditional classroom can be taken at 15 years and 5 months.

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Changes To When You Can Start Driving With An Instructor

House Bill 74 was passed into law by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in April and it has a few changes for Driver Training.  One of these changes is: all students must complete the 24 hours of online or classroom training before they can get behind the wheel with an instructor.  This takes effect July 1, 2021.

BMV On Road Testing Begins June 1, 2021

The BMV will resume in car testing starting June 1, 2021. All customers will be required to wear face masks, pass a temperature screening, and pass a COVID health screening. All vehicles must have working front windows to allow for fresh air, and all students may only be accompanied by one other adult into the building and must adhere to social distancing guidelines. If a student does not follow these guidelines or does not pass the screenings they will be asked to reschedule. For more information on testing please visit


Customer requirements for driving tests:
• No visible signs of illness.
• Test applicant must be able to pass temperature check.
• Must wear face covering (mask). Being vaccinated will not allow a customer to “opt out” of wearing a mask.
• Customer will have to answer COVID related questions correctly to take test. Exposure to COVID or symptoms will result in a
rescheduling. See questions below:

Customers must be screened using the following guidelines before being administered an in-car skills tests with a driver examiner. Driver examiners must use this form to conduct a self-assessment before each shift as well. Do not permanently record or save customer or examiner responses.

Face Covering: Customer must have a face covering available
Temperature: Customer’s temperature must be taken prior to taking an in-car exam with an examiner.

If temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, the customer may not take the test. Temperature under 100.4 degrees?

Yes – No

Screening questions:
Do you currently have COVID-19 or are you currently isolating or quarantining because of a diagnosis of COVID-19, concerns about COVID-19, and/or do you have a COVID-19 test pending?
If YES to any, test may not be conducted.

Yes – No
Do you currently have symptoms of COVID -19, or have you had symptoms within the last 10 days that are not explained by another illness or condition, including:
• fever or chills
• new uncontrolled cough
• shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
• muscle or body aches
• new onset of severe headache
• new loss of taste or smell
• sore throat, congestion or runny nose
• nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea;

If YES to any, test may not be conducted.

Yes – No

Have you been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, in the last 14 days?

Close Contact is defined as:
• You were within 6 feet of someone who has COVID-19 for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period
• You provided care at home to someone who is sick with COVID-19
• You had direct physical contact with the person (hugged or kissed them)
• You shared eating or drinking utensils
• They sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on you

If YES, test may not be conducted.

Yes – No

• Both Front windows in the vehicle must be in working order to allow fresh air to circulate while examiner is in the vehicle, if
examiner requests the windows to be put down (Weather permitting).
• Only test applicants and one accompanied adult allowed in the facility to check in for testing.
• Customer will allow use of seat covers as requested by examiner.
• If customer fails to follow these guidelines, test may be ended early and customer will have to reschedule.

Examiner requirements for driving tests:
• No visible signs of illness
• Temperature checked before starting shift.
• Face covering (mask). Examiner being vaccinated will not allow the Examiner to “opt out” of wearing a mask.
• Required to ask customer COVID questions and check customer’s temperature before testing.
• Gloves and seat covers are available for examiners to use at their discretion. These are optional due to CDC saying that COVID 19
spread through surfaces is not common (How Coronavirus Spreads | CDC)
• Examiner will limit time in the vehicle to only testing. To do this, Examiner will read instructions before entering vehicle and
will go over test results outside the vehicle (either in the office or outside depending on weather).

Scheduling requirements for driving tests:
• Schedule will allow time between tests for examiners to wash hands and to follow all COVID related policies.

• Infra-red instant read thermometer – Every DX should have at least 2, with one for Examiners and one for customer use.
• Disposable seat covers – already provided to every DX
• Wipes, Hand sanitizer, Gloves – already provided to every DX

• ODH approved the above requirements and procedures back in October 2020.
• Driver Examination Services guidelines outlined by Governor DeWine and Responsible RestartOhio still apply. See guideline:
Driver-Exam.pdf (

Ohio Driver Training To Take Another Hike If Ohioans Don’t Get Involved

Ohio adults we need your help please send via Facebook to all your different friends we need this word to get out and if you use other social media that will help, too.

VDA stands for Virtual Driving Assessment. This has nothing to do with a simulator or driver training. The VDA machine is a keyboard and laptop with gas and brake pedals and the student will sit and respond to scenarios presented and the machine keeps score and will end up giving a report of it appears the student will perform now and possibly in the future on the road and what parents need to work on.
Mind you this is something we already do. We must give the parent a report of what needs improvement on. And most parents know their own child. So this machine does not instruct nor teach. This machine will monitor that student for who knows how long because the machine has all the students information.

This VDA was presented to Governor DeWine and he feels this will help with instruction of a student. The VDA’s were to be in the Exam stations to do before they drive, and when they go in to test. This makes much more sense. What I do know is schools will have to spend time performing this program taking anywhere up to 20 minutes and then go pick up another student. This will result in a lot of extra time for something that is not part of training. It doesn’t matter how they look at it or want to present it. The cost added could be anywhere up to $50.00 and no one is sure of the exact amount.

Proctoring these VDA’s out to the driving schools will make a huge impact. Schools struggle to meet the demand of their driving as it is; can you imagine the impact the VDA will cause. We don’t get rich being a driving school or an instructor. Adding layers only complicates the process.
When the pilot program (schools volunteered) was on going there was an initial assessment drive before the behind the wheel instruction took place then another after the student had completed the behind the wheel instruction. This gave a baseline assessment and then a measurable metric to gauge improvement and risk also, this did not have to be done on every student. The new rules proposes just one assessment drive which defeats the original intent. As the rule stands it just appears to be a forced obligation with no benefit. Or an open ended obligations that will force the second assessment onto the driving schools later after this rule makes it into 4501.

When the online program was going to be introduced we fought the prior Governor at the time and look where it got us higher fees! Majority of the driving schools are against this rule, we sent in our emails and look, they have still pushed it. The driving schools are not a lobby machine, nor union backed, we are coming to you the people that we serve.

We are asking you the Ohio residents to please call Governor DeWine’s office and sound off for the Driving Schools of Ohio.
We need your help to STOP This proposed rule change that is 4501-7-10(3). Please leave message why you called, if no answer.
Governor DeWine Phone: 614-466-3555 or email (copy and paste)

Thank you Ohio! It is never too late!

Ended Up Getting Stuck In Snow

February 11, 2021 Alexis and myself were on our drive time and pulled into the parking lot of the football field at Delta. In the lot of all places but better there than on the side of road in a ditch, creek  or field.

We were going to work on turns and stopping in different gears to test which would slow you quicker if, lets say, at an intersection accumulating water dripping off vehicles and starting to freeze, or just slush in general.

Well, we never got to do that because it was not plowed and the huge snow pile did not allow for us to see it was not done, just the other entrance to the west was plowed.  So we had to keep moving so we would not get stuck.  The inevitable happened we could not move.   We switched spots, I was rocking the car forward and backward and managed to move slowly but surely about 60 feet closer to the entrance we came in at, but wouldn’t move anymore. We were only, maybe, 15 feet from the road. Then I called for help from around the corner.

Many people were driving by slowly staring and even a Delta Police Officer went  by twice but no one offered help, but Paul McQueen, a High School teenager,   asked if we needed help and as he did our help showed up, too.  A big thank you Paul for wanting to help!  My brother showed up with shovel in hand and shoveled us out the rest of the way. Thank you Jody.

Moral of the story have a shovel in the car and always have clothes for the weather, either wear them or have them along for the “Just Incase”.

Online Will Be Added

What !!! I know I said I would never do online but…you are going to be happy with it because you are actually leaning about Ohio rules and laws.

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