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Contact information ready to checkout form for your use when you are ready and it is easy.   Use your Debit or Credit card through PayPal.  Fees are added to your payment for utilizing PayPal.




Are you paying for 1 student only hit the BUY NOW button one time when you submit – Check your email for verification that we received your correspondence data.

Student Needing 8 Hours Of BTW (375.00 + fees)

How To Sit Properly In Your Vehicle

The video above is what I have taught the students for approximately 33 years.   Wow! has it really been that long.   Don’t answer that!

Fact is, it is illegal to touch screen to text while driving in Ohio.  Actually voice texting or calling without touching is approved in Ohio.  To often we think we can slip a text in here or there until one day it catches up with us. Think before you act, people!

Strive to stay alive!

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Data protection: Ultimately Key Driving School will not sell or expose your information to anyone outside of our workplace only for the capacity to fulfill our agreement.  Your contact information is private.


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