Driving Instructor Provides a Guide for Important Skills to Learn

There are certain driving skills that are not only necessary for getting a license but to also keep you safe on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to learn some of the most basic actions that are important for operating a vehicle or let them slip from memory once they become comfortable behind the wheel. According to the driving instructors at Key Driving School, Inc. in Delta, OH, there are a few skills every driver should know how to do, whether they’re newly licensed or a well-seasoned motorist.

5 Fundamental Skills Every Driver Should Know

Changing Lanes

Changing lanes is something you must do every day as a driver, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy. Unsafe lane changes are a top cause of car crashes because people regularly neglect to use their blinker or don’t make sure their path is clear before moving over. It’s vital to practice correctly transitioning from one lane to the next until it becomes second nature.

Parallel Parking

Regardless of how often you think you’ll need to parallel park, it’s one of the most useful skills to have. You never know when your only options will be to fit between two cars or drive continuously around, hoping for a regular parking spot to open up. Parallel parking is much easier than many realize, and it’s something a driving instructor should be able to teach you in no time.

Operating a Manual Transmission

Despite many of today’s car models being offered as automatics, there may come a time when you will be put in a situation that requires the need to drive a manual. It is beneficial to be able to go back and forth between the two types of transmissions and will open up the possibilities if you’re ever in the market for a new car.


A good portion of vehicles coming off the production line these days feature rearview cameras. These are designed to help drivers in their efforts to reverse and keep them from getting close enough to hit something that may be behind them. The problem is you may not always be in a vehicle with rearview camera, so it’s critical not to solely rely on them and continue to use your mirrors and look over your shoulder as you’ve been taught to do, so you don’t forget.

#Emergency Brake

While learning all the skills required to drive I have noticed that majority of the students do not know how to operate the emergency brake. The student should know how to set it and use it. The brake line could break, master cylinder go out and brakes just not work. This would be a valuable tool for them, should the unthinkable happen. Knowledge is power.

While some of these skills are crucial to know for safety reasons, others will simply serve to make your driving experience much better. If you need assistance learning the proper techniques for these maneuvers, it’s best to seek guidance from a professional driving instructor. Key Driving School, Inc. provides their students with in-depth instruction, covering all the key fundamentals of operating a vehicle. Contact them today at 419.822.3740, or visit them online to learn more about the adult and teen driver education courses they offer.