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Driving Instruction Contact for your 8 hours of behind the wheel time. Call or email us to register and we will provide you with the forms.  Once the student has finished the 24 hours of online work they are qualified to drive, with an instructor.  We do need the 24 hour Certificate of Completion before we can schedule the drive time.  A permit is required.

Safety is for a lifetime not for a season! 

Driving Lessons should be constructive to build you up and practice is the key.  Your online course will help you a lot on your journey with the wheel in your hands.   We practice where the legal stops at intersections are because they all are different and they somewhat are the same.  I would hope you know that rolling stops are a no go. A complete stop is 3 seconds without moving. 

First it would be a good idea to start leaning forward to check past your front post when checking traffic so one day your not saying “I didn’t see it“.  You did not see it because if you sit there in your seat and never move your body forward from your waist to look well of course you didn’t see it.  Those front post can hide a semi-trailer and anything smaller.

When traveling on a two lane road, a lane going in each direction we do not drive close to the left yellow line. 

The number one collision that all beginning drivers have is not leaving enough distance between their vehicle and the vehicle in front of them when stopping. 

Train tracks are roads that intersect with our roadways except they cannot move out of the way.  You must look before entering an intersection far in advance and the same goes for train tracks.  The lights and gates at R R crossings are only man made and they do break down.  Look  Listen and Live.

Driving instruction is only part of the puzzle and it takes many years of learning, practice and error to become an integral part of the Highway Transportation System.

Back To School Means Back To Rail Safety Basics

Email us  or call to make sure you are in our driving area.

Click image below for driving tips on  CNET Smarter Drivers “Run Flat Tires”


Driving Smart with Flat Tires
Driving Smart with Flat Tires


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