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Driving instruction with real-world driving scenarios.  Maintained late model vehicles are supplied.  We provide the best training to those who want to learn to drive.

We are providing an online course that can be reached at this link below:          KEY DRIVING SCHOOL (ohiodrivereducation.com)   

Click this link   below to schedule a driving test, or your permit test online.  .https://bmvonline.dps.ohio.gov

House Bill 74 was passed  into law by Governor Mike DeWine and it has a few changes for Driver Training. Here is one: all students must complete 24 hours of online or in person classroom work before beginning Behind the Wheel instruction.   This law takes effect July 1, 2021.

Driving Instruction Include Searching Techniques

We inform your student on essential Searching habits,  Identification of clues in the driving environment, Predicting what could happen and is happening in your driving environment, Deciding quickly and  accurately what you need to do, and Execute an action safely, if needed.  S.I.P.D.E.  Repetitiveness of hours of driving and being observant is what will help you stay alive.

Test your mind knowledge at the site below to see if you would have survived. Don’t stop at the first one it is an introduction.

Suddenly your vehicle veers off the road what do you do? Weather permitting off road recovery we do.  Parking, backing, identifying signal lights in advance and the crosswalk lights.  We need to drive the basic speed law which is driving for what is safe for the existing conditions not the speed limit.  Drive slower in inclement weather, traffic crash, road construction, someone pulled off to the side of the road.  If speeding up to get through an intersection you probably were not paying attention to stopped side traffic or how long the light was green or what the crosswalk light was doing, if it is there. Speeding 5 mph over the limit is not ok, since the ticket is still on the insurance trail.  You may not have points but it is still there and money out of your pocket.

Key Driving School is open to take care of your driving lesson needs. We have well maintained late model vehicles.  With these unprecedented times we are cleaning much more, wearing masks for your safety.  Keeping your student safe as much as we can.
If you are interested in driving instruction or information, go to our Ready To Check Out Page and email us.
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Need to look at the State of Ohio Driver BMV Click Fred and Barney below.


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