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We are a North West Ohio Driving School. A student at 15 years and 5 months can take the  Online , Virtual  or Tradition Class that consist 0f 24 hours.  At 15 years and 6 months you can get your permit.  Fortunately, you may want to start driving and how do you do this! Your excited about driving.  And you have completed the 24 hours of a class and received your Certificate of Completion and yes, you must have your permit.  Contact the driving school and you should be ready to start driving.

You will find the online courses on the About Page in the menu.

The Driving required by the State of Ohio is separate from the Online Course. You may contact us on the Contact Page and we will email or send you information.

The Abbreviated Adult Online Course for those who are 18 years of age or older and have failed there driving test is on the next page. Please read below.

Senate Bill 68 Updates: Effective April 12, 2021

Abbreviated Adult Schools

Please be aware that a rule change will be coming into effect with the passage of Senate Bill 68 on April 12, 2021.

 Did you complete a driver training course within twelve months of failing a driving exam?  Ultimately, if you are eighteen years of age or older and then you need not take the Abbreviated Course.  For more information please search for Senate Bill 68 on the Ohio Legislative Service Commission website http://www.lsc.ohio.gov.

July 1, 2021 individuals may want to take advantage of this new law concerning licenses.

In Ohio, most driver’s licenses (commercial and standard), motorcycle licenses, motorcycle operator’s endorsements, motorized bicycle licenses, and identification cards are renewable every four years. That is, when issued, four years after the date of issuance.

Most Importantly there are some exceptions to the rule.

  • Authorizes a person between age 21 and 65 to apply for and renew an Ohio commercial driver’s license, driver’s license (motor vehicles and motorcycles), motorcycle operator’s endorsement, or motorized bicycle license on an eight-year renewal cycle.
  • Makes the cost of an eight-year license, endorsement, or card twice the cost of a four-year license, endorsement, or card, minus $1.
  • Makes the eight-year renewal option available to all regardless of age  beginning July 1, 2021.

Please be aware that with the option of the eight year renewal, there are fee changes. For more information on fees, please contact the Ohio BMV or research Senate Bill 68 on the Ohio Legislative Service Commission website.