Ended Up Getting Stuck In Snow

February 11, 2021 Alexis and myself were on our drive time and pulled into the parking lot of the football field at Delta. In the lot of all places but better there than on the side of road in a ditch, creek  or field.

We were going to work on turns and stopping in different gears to test which would slow you quicker if, lets say, at an intersection accumulating water dripping off vehicles and starting to freeze, or just slush in general.

Well, we never got to do that because it was not plowed and the huge snow pile did not allow for us to see it was not done, just the other entrance to the west was plowed.  So we had to keep moving so we would not get stuck.  The inevitable happened we could not move.   We switched spots, I was rocking the car forward and backward and managed to move slowly but surely about 60 feet closer to the entrance we came in at, but wouldn’t move anymore. We were only, maybe, 15 feet from the road. Then I called for help from around the corner.

Many people were driving by slowly staring and even a Delta Police Officer went  by twice but no one offered help, but Paul McQueen, a High School teenager,   asked if we needed help and as he did our help showed up, too.  A big thank you Paul for wanting to help!  My brother showed up with shovel in hand and shoveled us out the rest of the way. Thank you Jody.

Moral of the story have a shovel in the car and always have clothes for the weather, either wear them or have them along for the “Just Incase”.

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