Disability Training Evaluation

Disability Training

Providing Disability Training in North West Ohio by Key Driving School has been offered since 1999.   We will work with your hospital after your disability evaluation has been performed to provide you the best training you require.

You may need training with using new controls on your vehicle, to using the spinner knob.  Tragic circumstances that happened in our life will leave us not quite the same as before the incident.  Aging will also do a number on us from arthritis, legs and knees giving way, strength in your legs and arms, surgeries, head injuries, back problems, vision, medications and do I need to mention forgetting where we put something.  Just thought I would throw that one in there even if it does not apply.   We can  provide instruction to help you to get back behind the wheel, again. 

Obviously sometimes an individual will not be able to perform exactly as they did prior to an incident nor with the aging process.  It is not the end,  we are here to provide behind the wheel training so you may have your keys in your hand, once more.   I do hope you will keep us in mind.

    1. Adaptive Equipment

Mobility Works Vans Web Site Click Here

Acorn Stairlifts Web Site Click Here

Adaptive Equipment Spinner Knob
Wheelchair Accessible Vans
A vehicle that was changed over to the stick and hand lever for the brake and gas on one combination when feet are not able to use the pedals.

 Click here Disabilities Come In Many Forms 


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